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Lack of Internal “Listening” (Insufficient Internal Research)

Case No.1: Global trade marketing planning requires in-depth and specialized market research. But most critical data points in the vast universe of data are those that help: Quantify the estimated opportunity available in a market, Ease of doing business in that market, and Past successes in that market (which might…
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Skimpy External “Listening” (Insufficient External Research)

Case No. 2 As mentioned, trade marketing is a tricky proposition. Trade marketing directors have a multitude of considerations in going to market. External research is a critical step for market sizing, budget analysis, and “seeing around corners” in what obstacles may come. Our media consulting practice supports trade marketing…
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A Case Study on Mitigating Losses and Maximizing Profits

Case No.3 The case study analyzed the trading activity of a forex trader, John, over a six-month period. John is an experienced trader who has been in the forex market for five years. He trades on a daily basis and mainly focuses on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD,…

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